When Are All the Prohibition-Era Bar Names Going to Get Used Up, Already?

Photo: Robert K. Chin

Marcus Samuelsson chose to name his forthcoming restaurant, Red Rooster, after a Harlem speakeasy, and now Zagat Buzz brings news that the management team behind Crash Mansion are revamping the former Annex space (briefly the Doghouse) as a Prohibition-style basement lounge called Tammany Hall (just steps away from Boss Tweeds!). The wonder of this is that there wasnt already a New York bar with the name Tammany Hall. Check out these other bar names that refer to Prohibition, from the least imaginative to the most creative.

Prohibition no definition needed.
The Speakeasy again, pretty straightforward.
Moonshine yup.
Blind Pig a cut-rate speakeasy; see Blind Tiger.
Blind Tiger see Blind Pig.
The Volstead refers to the National Prohibition Act, also called the Volstead Act after teetotaling Congressman Andrew Volstead.
Raines Law Room named after the pre-Prohibition law that curbed drinking on Sundays.
Black Rabbit the Minetta Tavern was known as the Black Rabbit during Prohibition.
Death & Co. takes its name from a Prohibition-era anti-drinking campaign.
Blue Ruin a Prohibition-era term for bathtub gin.
The Jake Walk paralysis that fell on many southerners as a result of drinking jake (highly alcoholic Jamaican ginger extract) as a way to skirt Prohibition laws.