Food Park Opens in Koreatown


Maybe you promised yourself more "me time" in 2011, and maybe that includes a day at the Korean spa in Palisades Park. When you get home, you're likely congratulating yourself on a spa day costing less than $30, but maybe you're ravenous because you cheaped out on the in-house bibimbap while you were out there. Well, now you can do something about it!

After unfolding yourself from the tiny-but-free shuttle bus that got you to the Jerz and back, look just around the corner in Koreatown for Food Gallery 32. You can keep the Korean-themed buzz going at one of seven eateries, according to Midtown Lunch. They've got photos and details. The food court has only been open for two days, so let us know what's good!

First Look at the Now Open Food Gallery 32 (aka The Korean FoodParc?) [Midtown Lunch]