From Macarons to Lardcore, the Food Trends of 2010–2011

Photo: Hannah Whitaker/New York Magazine

Its that time of year when food editors look back at the trends of 2009 and predict the trends of 2011! Often these two end up being one in the same (Really? Well be drinking tiki cocktails next year?!?), but no matter! Epicurious expects to see food halls, Korean cuisine, macarons, meatless Mondays, foraging, tiki drinks, pop-ups, sweet potatoes, urban wineries, and the ingredient Pimentón de La Vera. Fork in the Road predicts micro-distilleries, exotic meat, candy bars, a brunch backlash, and Nordic cuisine. And the Food Channel (a website) predicts canning, more men in home kitchens, a backlash against calorie counts, food apps, friendlier chains, artisanal foods, chefs in schools, and exotic eats. Meanwhile, others are looking back at the year that was.

For Time, Josh Ozersky points out 2010 trends like locavorism, lardcore, fast-food stunt dishes, pop-ups, blogger influence, dude food, upscale coffee, sous vide, and raw milk. Serious Eats recalls pie becoming the new cupcakes, hyperlocavorism, designer ice cubes, the Cooking Channel, Korean tacos, coffee gizmos, food media shake-ups, the rise of Sandra Lee, salt snobbery, and of course Four Loko (R.I.P.). And finally, The Atlantic chimes in with the ten biggest food stories of 2010: The meat trend, genetically modified food, school-food reform, New Yorks public-health efforts, the egg recall, food trucks, foraging, the food-safety bill, Italian food, and Michelle Obama. Didnt see your favorite trend anywhere? Dont worry there are sure to be more lists soon!

Oh, and if youre in the mood for something more hyperspecific, check out the year in hot dogs over at Serious Eats, The Atlantic Food Channels year in ice cream, and Eaters year in tacos.