Camille Becerra Leaves Orchard Street Project ‘Hours’ Before Opening

Photo: Courtesy of Bravo

Back in April, former Paloma owner and Top Chef contestant Camille Becerra told us she may or may not end up being involved with the long-delayed Orchard Street restaurant that Teddy Kambouris was planning to open with her. Its important to me that the next place I develop be a perfect fit, she said then. Its unclear still if they will get it together enough for me to be a part of the team. Well, it seems the partners didnt get it together, because Steve Lewis reports today that shes left APL (pronounced Apple, as in Orchard ugh) just hours before it was ready to open: It became clear that the owners and Camille werent getting along. It was like cowboys and Indians, and although at times it seemed like it was going to work out, well, it didnt. Lewis also reports that Stuart Braunstein will be bringing a version of his failed art and party space, Collective Hardware, to the basement of Greenhouse next month.

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