Eddie Huang, Salon Correspondent; Eat Your Carrots for Sexy Orange Skin

Trash-talking chef Eddie Huang's big mouth has landed him a piece on Salon: "In Defense of Chinese Dads." [Salon]

Turns out that an orange hue to the skin makes white people more attractive. So if you're pasty, eat some carrots! Wait, who did this research the cast of Jersey Shore? [Telegraph UK]

Some food bloggers got bored and created their dream burrito, a five-layer beast with 2,400 calories. There's even a churro in there! [Food Beast]

Adorbs Southern brothers Matt and Ted Lee have inked a deal with Clarkson Potter for another cookbook, and a memoir. [Eater National]

Bananas aren't the only fruit under biological attack: An incurable virus is a worse threat to Florida citrus (and citrus around the world) than even this year's cold temperatures. [USAT]

MObama and Wal-Mart are in cahoots to lower fruit and veggie prices at the retailer and make packaged foods healthier. Wait, that doesn't sound so bad. [NYT]

More money than ever in the history of time will be spent on concessions at the Super Bowl in Arlington, Texas. Doesn't seem like too hard a record to set when beers cost $12! [Dallas Morning News]