Lotus of Siam Owners Leave New York to Protect ‘Morals and Values’

Photo: Danny Kim/New York Magazine

If you had your doubts about a Vegas strip-mall destination taking over the cursed former Cru space, you wouldve been on to something: The daughter of Lotus of Siams founders Bill and Saipin Chutima tells Diners Journal that her ailing parents have abandoned the New York location because their partner, former Cru owner Roy Welland, had a vision far different from what Lotus of Siam Las Vegas had, meaning he wanted something more like Cru and not what we have in Las Vegas where families and college students feel comfortable. Though the restaurant will go on without them, theyre bailing out to protect our morals and values; also, to protect the image of my parents who have worked their hardest for the past 25 years. It seems they werent happy with high prices. Platt echoed disgruntled chowhounds and acknowledged that some of the prices at Lotus of Siam are extreme in his three-star review.

Lotus of Siams Creators Leave, Citing Health, and Differences With Partner [Diners Journal/NYT]