Mayor May Shrink Tavern on the Green


Yesterday Mayor Bloomberg weighed in on Donald Trumps bid to revive Tavern on the Green, saying the city hasnt decided whether there will be a restaurant there again, but I suspect there will be. Maybe itll be a small one, which might fit in a little better in terms of todays needs. His explanation, per a video on the Posts site: When Tavern on the Green was first built there were not a lot of restaurants and people were afraid to go around the city. We live in a different world today: We have 20,000 restaurants and lots and lots of neighborhoods. We dont have very many restaurants in parks and well have to see. After a year well take a look at it, in terms of what to do.

Meanwhile, Steve Cuozzo thinks Bloomberg is in a pickle more delicious than anything from the gourmet food trucks in the former Tavern courtyard, since hes cozy with Peter Ward, the union leader Trump has struck a deal with, and yet letting Trump revive the place from the ashes would embarrass him as the person who put the space in limbo in the first place.

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