Roblé Ali Will Serve Chicken-and-Waffle Sliders (Yes, Chicken-and-Waffle Sliders) at Tammany Hall

Photo: Courtesy of Roblé Ali

Roblé Ali, the Avenue chef whos working on a reality show with Bravo (youll remember him from that whole hip-hop chef kerfuffle), tells us hes the consulting chef at Tammany Hall, the Crash Mansion teams revamp of the former Annex space. The space has already hosted a few parties (see photos here and here), but wont fully open until January 27. Ali tells us his finger-food menu (no knives or forks here) will consist of modern spins on Southern comfort food classics, meaning country-fried steak on a stick with red-eye gravy, and chicken and waffle sliders with chipotle-maple drizzle. He says, You might even see some gator on the menu. And crispy gumbo rice balls, too!