With Mermaid’s Oysterpedia App, the World Is Your …

Photo: Melissa Hom

As todays reviews of the John Dory go to show, its a great time to be an oyster lover. Just a couple of months after two foodies launched the Oyster Blog, endeavoring to explore New York and the World, one oyster at a time, the Mermaid Inn has released the beta version of its Oysterpedia app (it officially launches next month). Not only does it give you tasting notes on 200 North American oysters, but it lets you rate them a great thing if youre always forgetting which types you do or dont like. Bonus: The mollusks were photographed by our own Melissa Hom. The app is available for iPhone (and soon Droid) for $1.99, or the Lite version (featuring about 60 oysters) is free.