Team Sorella Branches Out With Stellina

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Photo: Michael Allin

Stellina, the new café from the partners of Sorella, next door, should open in about a week, and not only will they serve housemade gelati by the cup and cone eventually theyll deliver the stuff to your door. If youre in bed at eleven oclock and you decide you need a pint of gelato, just call us, says chef Emma Hearst. Soup, salads, and sandwiches like mortadella-prosciutto-and-prosciutto-cotto with Vermont butter and cornichons are on the menu, too. And so is Sorellas much-talked-about grissini, packaged to go in a pink box. There will be affogatos, Tcho-brand hot chocolate and Hearsts take on the Piedmontese capitals famous espresso drink, bicerin, modeled on the original. I got to go to Caffè al Bicerin in Torino, she says. I never consumed anything so luscious in my life

Stellina, 95 Allen St., nr. Delancey St.; 212-274-9555