Acme Bar & Grill Closes After Nearly 25 Years (Updated)

Photo: Yougna Park

Everyone knows youre supposed to give something up after Mardi Gras, but in the case of ACME Bar & Grill, it looks like theyre giving up period. EV Grieve hears from someone there that Nohos New Orleans fixture has quietly closed (we've had our run and we're done), and Fork in the Road follows up and hears the same: "We were here too long and there just wasn't enough business. Acme opened in 1986 and was most recently in the news when a deal with Michael Herman (and potentially Paul Sevigny) didnt pan out and Herman opened Bowery Beef instead. Hurricane seekers are hereby redirected to Great Jones Café. For iced chicory coffee (from Blue Bottle!), Bowery Beef is the place to go.

Update: Owner Says Acme Will Return After a Few Months

Acme Bar & Grill Closes After Nearly 25 Years on Great Jones Place [EV Grieve via Fork in the Road]