Did You Want to Know Every Single Thing Marcus Samuelsson Wore Last Week?

Photo: Patrick McMullan

Maybe hearing about Tom Colicchios every waking minute made you feel creepy and stalky to the point of thinking, Okay, you know what? Maybe I dont want to know every single thing about a celebrity chef, and maybe I should just enjoy eating his food or his chef de cuisines food or whatever and not worry about how many times he looks at photos of his kids during the course of a day. Or maybe it had the opposite effect and you were like, But what was Tom Colicchio wearing when he practiced guitar for two hours? If youre in the latter camp, then youre going to want to take a look at an item in the New York Times "Style" section that tells you every single thing that media darling Marcus Samuelsson wore during the course of a week of appearing on CBS, ABC, etc. Its stunning reportage, and yet it fails to answer the one thing we still dont know about Marcus Samuelsson: Boxers or briefs?

First Food, Then Sneakers [NYT]