Frat-House Cooking Goes Gourmet; Smart Food Choices at the Rodeo

• Dude, this free-range rib eye is outta control! Yup, frat-house cooking is going gourmet. [WSJ]

• Y'all are no doubt wondering how ya can go to the rodeo without ending up as hefty as a prize bull! Well, here are some tips on what to eat, like baked potatoes and grilled chicken. [CultureMap]

• Venezuelan cuisine may have reached its saturation point in Inwood; one restaurant found way more success when it switched from serving patacones to Mexican-style tacos. [DNA Info]

• Starbucks will now invade one more area of our lives: The office! It's inked a deal to make single-cup coffee "pods" for Keurig brewing machines. Tazo tea's on board, too. [USAT]

• In the cocoa-exports standoff in Ivory Coast, the country's cocoa board has ordered business to resume or it'll seize the loot. Meanwhile, naturally, chocolate prices are way up. [USAT]

• Oh, those French: so intent on outdoing us in all matters gastronomical. Of course their schoolchildren eat things our terrors of nephews would never touch, like salmon in lemon sauce and lentil salad. Of course! [Good]