Yet More Buck Slices in the EV

Photo: Jenny Miller

The dollar-slice showdown on St. Marks may have ended when Pizzanini shuttered last fall, but last week another 99-cent pizza purveyor opened near remaining contender 2 Bros. In addition to dollar slices, the logically named FDR 99 Slice Pizza sells pies for three to seven bucks though it's two bucks for each topping and also peddles beef patties and Indian tea. Much like 2 Bros., there's a special of two plain slices and one can of soda or bottle of water for $2.75. In further pie tidings, Di Fara set the record straight this morning about the difference between square and regular slices so don't go bugging them about it the next time you're in, mmmk?

FDR 99 Slice Pizza, 150 E. 2nd St., nr. Ave. A; 212-253-5950