Robicelli’s Will Sell Cupcakes Out of a Shipping Container on Flatbush Avenue

Photo: Courtesy of DeKalb Market

The Brooklyn Flea is leaving the downtown area for Williamsburg this summer (thats on Sundays; theyll still be in Fort Greene on Saturdays), but a new food-friendly market is coming to the downtown area. Come early summer, Urban Space Management (operators of the Holiday Market at Union Square) and developer Youngwoo & Associates will set up shipping containers on a plot of land at Flatbush and Willoughby that will eventually become a part of Woos the CityPoint development. Were told the salvaged containers will house food vendors such as Robicellis (the cupcake enterprise that used to have a store in Bay Ridge) and Cuzins Duzin (the cookie- and doughnut-maker that used to have a location at the Albee Square Mall). The outdoor portion of the DeKalb Market will serve as an educational farm hosting six local farmers, and therell be a market with a butcher, dairy products, and the like. The lineup is still coming together, and you can still apply to be a vendor theyre giving preference to first-time retailers.