What to Eat at Miss Lily’s, Now Serving Curry Goat and Jerk Chicken to the Select Few


When we tried to drop into Miss Lilys for a bite last night, a dapper man who was guarding the alcove beyond the papered-over front door politely shooed us away. Its open seating from 6 p.m. till 7 p.m. and after that its reservations, he explained. And as you can see, its pretty small [nineteen tables and a bar, to be exact]. Sorry about that, brother. But please come back. (Shortly after that, a hostess at Fedora turned us away with a sorry, babe between the brother and the babe, rejection never felt so cool.) This sort of treatment has caused at least one blog to wonder whether Miss Lilys is the new Charles, and its a valid question given that former Bungalow, Box, and 1 Oak doorman Binn Jakupi and his brother Genc are owners along with Paul Salmon (owner of the Rockhouse Hotel in Jamaica as well as a founding partner of Joes Pub). Oh, and then of course theres Serge Becker of La Esquina, who (to Anna Wintours notable chagrin) designed the place with Brooklyns West Indian businesses in mind. So whats the deal?

A rep tells us the jerk joint is still in previews but that within a couple of weeks, well see official photos of the interiors checkered floors, vinyl booths, and walls decorated with reggae and ska album covers. In the meantime, weve snagged the menu for you. Oh, and you know what really takes some of the mystery out of Miss Lilys? The Columbia Spectator, of all places, has already penned a review.

Miss Lily's Menu [PDF]

Miss Lilys, 132 W. Houston St., nr. Sullivan St.; 646-588-5375; res@misslilysnyc.com for reservations