Falai Keeps Expanding

Iacopo Falai. Photo: Will Ragozzino/Patrick McMullan

Diner's Journal has it that Iacopo Falai who, at Falai, makes that totally rad beet-pasta dish that we just called one of the best in the country will open a new market, called Bottega Falai, next Thursday. It will be right next door to Caffe Falai. There, he'll sell what else? Italian stuff: dried pasta, olive oils, fancy salt, cured meats, bread, etc. etc. But that's not all!

He's also got a new cocktail menu at Caffe Falai's newly installed full bar. But his staff is evidently saying arrivederci to the jiggers that high-end bartenders around the city have made so commonplace. Falai's bartenders will weigh drink ingredients on little scales because don't you just hate it when your Negroni is, like, .05 grams light on the Campari?

Falai Goes Retail, Swedish Fish Spawn [Diner's Journal/NYT]