Foodies and Locavores, People Still Feel the Need to Tell You How Much They Loathe You

Photo: istockphoto

Remember all those screeds about how foodies are just so annoying? Add a couple more to the pile. Esquires food correspondent John Mariani speaks out against locavores, because no one has done that recently: What I don't love is how self-described locavores believe they are a new breed of cult-like idealists who have adapted the word coined by Jessica Prentice at the 2005 World Environment Day in where else? San Francisco and now make themselves out to be missionaries for a concept with a large duh? factor. Take some deep breaths, Johnny boy, because youre not alone: On Jane magazines blog, Jessica Olien feels compelled to tell us why she hate[s] foodies, especially foodie men, who somehow making even preparing simple foods a macho, one-sided event, and who want to linger at farmers markets are like obsessive teenage boys at a vinyl shop. Hey, maybe these guys should go on a date at McDonalds.

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