New Earl Grey Recipe Angers Tea Drinkers; Savory Cocktails Let You Drink Your Dinner

If we do in fact send astronauts all the way to Mars, they're going to need to know how to grow their own food. [Discovery News]

Twinings has a new recipe for Earl Grey, and longtime fans of the tea are pissed. [Daily Mail UK]

If you're the sort who likes to drink your dinner (or lunch), the Post rounds up savory-food-infused cocktails that let you do just that. [NYP]

Kudos to Chipotle, we suppose: The chain has set up a foundation to support "sustainable farming practices." [Sustainable Business]

Eating a bunch of salt and failing to exercise is not only bad for your heart, but also for your cognition. [Healthland/Time]

There were sales at city Greenmarkets yesterday as farmers tried to sell perishable items they'd been unable to vend during the storm. [DNA Info]