Wine-Drinking Linked to Lower Weight Gain; Surviving on a Food-Stamp Budget

No one can say why, but drinking wine in moderation is connected to lower weight gain. This explains so much about the French. [Wine Spectator]

Don't worry, people in hurricane-threatened areas, big-box grocery stores like Wal-Mart have a plan for this sort of thing, and it's already in action. [NPR]

"If you lose power, dont open the fridge," and other tips for food safety if the electricity goes out this weekend. [Crime and Safety/Sun Sentinel]

If you've ever wanted to trade in your harried urban life for a stint on a farm, well, it sounds pretty appealing! [NPR]

Speaking of other people's guinea-pig experiences, here's an account of a chef trying to feed his family on a food-stamp budget that's $4 a day. He does quite well. [HuffPo]