A Meal Fit for an Iron Chef Fanatic, and Only an Iron Chef Fanatic

Everything she's ever made on air, now in your mouth. Photo: Flickr micon

Over at At Vermilion, where chef Maneet Chauhan runs the kitchen between stints on the Food Network, she's offering customers a taste of her TV experience by serving up some dishes she's made on the tube. The new tasting menu is called "Chopped, Next Iron Chef & Iron Chef Tasting," and it's $120.

Crab-watermelon 'steak', basil citrus vinaigrette
Spanish olive boquerones anchovy, jicama citrus roll
(From battles - Iron Chef Morimoto; Next Iron Chef)

Fish papadum tacos, spiced yogurt sauce
Naan tandoor sandwich, chicken mint cucumber
(From battles - Next Iron Chef)

Potato 3 ways ravioli, goat cheese, sweet potato sauce
Kabab dog chicken, feta cheese
(From battles - Next Iron Chef)

chopped mystery basket entree duo
your choice (meats, marinades, sides)
(From - Chopped All-Stars)

Avocado beignet, wild berry reduction
Chocolate coffee doughnut frittata, chocolate molé
(From battles - Next Iron Chef )