Earl’s Beer & Cheese Branching Out All Over the UES

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Earl's diminutive digs. Photo: Danny Kim

Fans of Earls, the fantastic cheesecentric beer bar on the cusp of Carnegie Hill and East Harlem, love everything about the place except that it's so tiny and crowded they can never get in. When the equally small adjacent space became available, hopes were understandably raised for a moderate expansion. Alas, its not to be, but the good news is that the storefront has been acquired by Earls co-owner Adam Clark, who is in the midst of converting it into the Guthrie Inn, a cocktail bar with a limited bar-snack menu. But thats not all.

Clarks partner, Michael Cesari, who also co-owns the recently relocated Vinyl Wine shop, is working on a wine bar around the corner named ABV, for the alcohol-by-volume percentage you find on every bottle. When the 55-seat spot opens at 1504 Lexington Avenue near 97th Street, hopefully by the end of the year, its kitchen will be run by Earls talented chef Corey Cova. And heres a tip for Earls patrons looking to avoid the evening crush: The place is now open for lunch Thursday through Sunday with a slightly abbreviated, but no less cheesy menu.