Fancy Cheese Comes of Age; Lunchbox Packing Gets Serious

Only one percent of the population is actually allergic to gluten, but a whole lot more than that in New York have declared it "public enemy No. 1." [NYP]

As fancy cheeses have come of age, "the affineur has become the cheese worlds version of the mixologist"; some don't buy that affinage (aging) is important, however. [NYT]

Lunchbox packing has become a competitive sport; if you don't leave your kid a loving note, you're a huge jerk. [WSJ]

Trader Joe's has opened on Staten Island. Those Hawaiian-shirt uniforms should fit right in! [NYDN]

Don't worry, Eva Longoria's troubles are nearly over: Landry's (which owns Chart House) will buy her bankrupt Las Vegas restaurant Beso. [NRN]

Commodity prices have been up, up, up, but it seems the price of flour and chocolate might finally fall. Bakers rejoice! [USAT]