The Limelight Is Crying Inside

Where you can now go for pancakes, with a side of depression.

Oh, man. Somewhere Andy Warhol is rolling over in his grave. Or maybe he's licking his lips. Who knows! One thing's for sure, it's a screwed-up IHOP world and we're all living in it. Eater has the scoop that IHOP is coming to the Limelight the legendary church turned party den turned trendy shopping, food, and Todd Englishy hang (CrossBar is already there; so is Grimaldi's). IHOP has already flipped 14th Street on its head, an event stirring up many mixed emotions. But Chelsea's the Limelight? With many, many more to come? The news is a real indicator of the chainification of New York ... a lot to wash down. [Real Deal via Eater NY]