Pizza Is Evidently a Vegetable; Living Social Launches Fancy Food Delivery

If America's youth are fat and have gnatlike attention spans, it probably starts with Congress counting pizza as a vegetable. [Salt/NPR]

Say the word Armageddon slowly, and you'll get why this purportedly libido-enhancing tonic is such a big seller at Crown Heights' Punch Line Juice Bar. [NYDN]

Bon App's resident kvetcher turns his griping to getting rushed at restaurants. When you're out, he'll be the guy screaming, "No, I'm not ready for you to clear my plate!" [BA Daily/Bon Apptit]

Living Social is getting into the food-delivery arena, debuting Living Social Instant in D.C. The company also rolled out Living Social Room Service, with fancier touches from nicer restaurants. [TechCrunch]

If you're wondering why every new restaurant these days seems to label itself "farm-to-table," it's probably because people will pay more for this kind of food (though doesn't it also cost the restaurant more?). [NRN]