The Heart of the Dutch Is Pie

Sometimes you get what you pay for.

Earlier today, we told you about Tom Colicchio's favorite Thanksgiving indulgence his own homemade stuffing. His buddy Andrew Carmellini, however, is craving another, sweeter, holiday food ritual pie! "I like to say that the Dutch was a restaurant built around pie," he tells Grub Street. His favorite? "Cherry. Hands down." His least favorite? "Mutton pie, or mincemeat pie. I don't care how cool it is to be old-timey right now, but delicious this is not." To further advance Carmellini's eternal pie crush, the Dutch's pastry chef, Kierin Baldwin, is offering a small quantity of whole fresh-baked pies to go on Thanksgiving, or the day before. Customers can choose between Grapple pie or pumpkin pie (both serve eight to ten) for $38.00. Contact the restaurant for details. And, please share.