Yao Ming Is a Wine Baron; Peanut Butter Worries Food Banks

According to The Wall Street Journal, former NBA player Yao Ming "is an unlikely connoisseur and a trailblazer on the Chinese wine scene." [WSJ]

An investor in Madea vodka, which has a WiFi-capable, electronically powered illuminated display, is suing the founders, saying they pocketed his $7.5 million investment in the brand. [Page Six/NYP]

The rising price of peanut butter is causing big problems for the country's food banks. [WP]

More and more Russian artists and socialites are investing in Moscow restaurants, making celebrity restaurants a "confirmed Russian fad." [Toronto Sun]

Violence broke out at a Washington, D.C., restaurant over the weekend. One person died from gunshot wounds and five others were injured. [WP]

It's apparently illegal for bartenders in Iowa to make their own bitters, but one restaurateur is fighting to get the law changed. [Eastern Iowa Life]