Do or Dine Does All-Day Brunch, Beginning This Sunday

It will look like this, but with more hung-over customers. Photo: Noah Fecks

This weekend, Do or Dine Bed-Stuy's best-known purveyor of foie-gras-filled doughnuts will begin its version of all-day Sunday brunch. While owners Justin Warner and George McNeese continue as culinary directors, most of the new menu came from the mind of former Robertas brunch maestro Nick Subic. I wanted the menu to be fun in a way we can only do here, but while still following some brunch guidelines, Subic says. So far the lineup includes their infamous foie doughnut ($9, available off menu), Scotch-style deviled eggs with cilantro and sausage ($5), beef-brisket sausage and gravy ($11), and inch-thick caramel-apple griddlecakes with parsnip and ginger ($8). No coffee yet, but the menu helpfully suggests picking some up at nearby Bedford Hill. The plan is to serve brunch on Sundays from 2 to 10 p.m., but the restaurant will probably be closing a little earlier than that for at least the next couple of weeks. (We'd advise calling beforehand.) In the meantime, check out the full menu, straight ahead.

Small Plates:
Scotch E666s
Culantro and sausage $5
With bacalao and chorizo $6

A Biscuit
Butter, grape jam $3

Some Bacon or Some Sausage
On a plate $4

Gouda, cheddar, masago sour cream $7

Big Plates:
Nutella Gingrich
A giant flapjack, absolutely bananas $9

Briskets and Gravy
The only time beef sausage was excellent $11

Caramel Apple Griddlecake
Parsnip, ginger $8

Hangover Helper
Pile of eggy noodles and lamb bits $9

Berunchu Ramen
Array of ideal toppings $12

Wake and Bake(d) Eggs
Roots and leaves $10

A Chicken and Woffals
Clove, maple, blood orange $20

Do or Dine, 1108 Bedford Ave., nr. Lexington Ave., Bedford-Stuyvesant; 718-684-2290

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