Wendy’s Woos Japan All Over Again; Hosea Rosenberg Is a Smart Cookie

Modeling and food aren't usually a happy marriage, but when Carla Hall hit Europe for the runway, way back when, that's when the culinary love affair began. [WSJ]

Wendy's is big in Japan. Again. The chain has returned with ambitious hopes, after Tokyo's fickle market dissed them a few years ago. [FT]

Elsewhere in Asia, China's first Hello Kitty restaurant opened, and it looks like a hit. Meow. [China Daily]

Remember Top Chef winner Hosea Hosenberg? Here he is playing poker and talking about why he chose the kitchen over outer-space. [Miami New Times]

The good news about the City allowing fewer street fairs is less crappy lemonade and fewer baby carriages; the bad news is they make some people happy. [DNA Info]