Fonda Nolita Rolls Out ‘Breakfast Tacos 2.0’

Chorizo-bacon breakfast taco. Photo: Jenny Miller

With breakfast tacos in everyone's thoughts (and mouths) after the Underground Gourmet's recent review, it seems a good time to bring news of Fonda Nolita's latest morning offerings. Owner Dario Wolos tells us he rolled out his "breakfast tacos 2.0" this week there's one with housemade chorizo, bacon, eggs, and poblano peppers, and another huevos a la Mexicanastyle, with poblano, tomato, onion, egg, and green tomatillo salsa. Each overstuffed taco costs $4 and tastes delicious, we can attest particularly the chorizo. Wolos also had the interesting bit of trivia that, while the breakfast taco is generally thought of as Texan, egg-filled tacos on very small corn tortillas are a morning staple in Monterrey, Mexico. So put that in your tortilla and chew it.

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