Hugh Acheson’s Impassioned Ode to Southern Food, Subtle Jab at Paula Deen

The Hughnibrow reflects. Photo: Melissa Hom

In a highly enjoyable, first-person story on Eatocracy today, Hugh Acheson passionately defends Southern food, which he insists can be healthy because the cuisine is helllllo rooted in vegetables and local crops. Regarding his experience with Paula Deen at a Texas book festival, where droves of fans came out to hear her blab about grits and J.C.Penney, Acheson's portrayal of the event screams awkward. He retells the story as such: I then decided to ask a pertinent question, at least to me. The question was, 'Do you think that Southern food has had a start and a finish or do you think its something that continues to evolve?' If there ever was a moment in time where I was speaking Esperanto to the Korean grocer on the corner, this was it." [Eatocracy/CNN]