Two Ways a Get a Little Bit Wine-Nerdier

So classy. Photo: MARTIN BERNETTI/AFP/Getty Images

Oeno-geeks and those who simply want to learn more about vino, listen up: Two of the city's finest A-monikered restaurants, A Voce and Aureole, have announced special wine-focused programs. At both locations of A Voce, one week each month will be dedicated to nightly guest sommeliers generally vintners or ambassadors from particular brands who mingle with and advise guests, pouring selections not usually available by the glass (see February's Valentine's week lineup here). And Aureole will host a seminar one Monday each month in conjunction with wine-education group American Sommelier, covering topics like impressive yet affordable picks, or funky wines (full schedule here). The two-hour classes cost $150, and dinner is charged separately hey, we never said this sort of geekery was cheap.