This Super Bowl Weekend, Todd English Is Archie Manning

He's all about equal love and huddles...allegedly.

When Grub Street saw Todd English at last night's Vegas Uncork’d event, presented by Bon Appétit, we had to ask the Bostoner-slash-New Yorker the obvious question, "Who are you rooting for this weekend?" Unsurprisingly, English, who will be at the game, answered very carefully (and like a typical Virgo), saying, "I'm handling it as if I were Archie Manning and both my sons were on different teams." Yeah, yeah, it's so the Patriots. "I've spent so much time in Boston that I love and support the team. Bill Belichick is a good customer of mine in Boston; but then again, I know Eli and he's a good customer, too. It's a tough one!" Okay, it's still so the Patriots. "You really want to know my team? I love soccer; it's AC Milan."