Jessica Simpson Wanted to Name Her Baby Zinfandel; That Ground Beef You Bought Probably Contains Pink Slime

Among the baby names that Jessica Simpson and fiancé Eric Johnson had considered was Zinfandel. Because the kid wouldn't grow up to be a raging alcoholic or anything. [In Touch]

Don't kid yourself: Chances are grocery-store ground beef contains some pink slime. Will this news finally squelch the burger trend? [Salt/NPR]

For Jerry Lewis's 86th birthday this past Friday, a group of French fans commissioned Daniel Boulud to create a one-meter-long jambon-beurre sandwich, which was delivered to the comedian at the Hotel Plaza Athenee. [Page Six/NYP]

First the Post tells us the FiDi dining scene is dismal, now they're presenting a roundup of where to eat in Battery Park City. Make up your minds, people. [NYP]

Turns out millions of urinary-tract infections in the U.S. might be caused by bacteria found in chicken and they're increasingly drug-resistant. [Atlantic]

Both McDonald's and the French supermarket chain Carrefour have been accused of selling expired food in Beijing. [CBS News]

Sorry, everyone, scientists are just as mystified as you about that strange metallic taste you sometimes get when eating pine nuts. [Salt/NPR]