See Olive Garden Critic Marilyn Hagerty Review an NYC Dirty-Water Dog

She'd make a great New Yorker. Photo: Courtesy Grand Forks Herald

Unless your internet memory is as short as a fruit fly's life, you probably recall the recent hubbub over Marilyn Hagerty, an 85-year-old North Dakota newspaperwoman who shot to instant fame with a review of her town's new Olive Garden. Now that Hagerty's a virtual celeb, she's here in New York being squired around and wined and dined. But it's not all Le Bernardin and Dovetail (though she will reportedly dine at both places) the Times took Hagerty to eat her first-ever street hot dog, and they wisely brought a videographer along. See the (sadly, not embeddable) video here. Judging by Hagerty's reaction (and her big F-U to last week's detractors), it seems like she'd make a pretty great New Yorker. [City Room/NYT, Earlier, Earlier]