Imagining a World Without Yelp

If a restaurant opens and nobody Yelps it, does it even exist?

What would a Yelp-free diet — not to mention one devoid of Foursquare or Zagat (or, okay, blogs like this one) — look like? To find out, Tanya Shaw "bravely entered Madam Jane’s Thai Cuisine without looking it up online first. 'Well, I haven’t pored over the menu on the restaurant’s website, read the first 20 Yelp ratings, or scanned any online reviews from blogs or newspapers, but here we go,' Shaw said to herself. … 'Christ, I haven’t even seen a single picture of the food before on someone’s Tumblr page.'" Tanya, we would salute you, but we're too busy using our iPhone 5 to Instagram these cookies someone sent to the office. [Onion]