Now Everyone’s Fighting Over the H&H Name

So much drama. Photo: STAN HONDA/AFP/Getty Images

Oy, there's so much fighting in H land, we're starting to fear the legacy of the great bagel-maker will be permanently be-schmeared. Now the issue is the H name, the WSJ reports, which three parties are trying to lay claim to: H founder Helmer Toro; Long Island bagel-shop owner Randy Narod, who might or might not have bought the name from Toro; and Harry Abrams, who loaned Toro $12,000 last year with the H name as collateral. (Toro has not repaid that loan, but claims that's because Abrams's 20 percent interest rate is usury.)

Meanwhile, the IRS has seized the H trademark saying a company of Toro's owes the taxman $1.55 million, and Toro used this opportunity to extract a letter from the IRS saying that though the trademarks have been seized, they do indeed belong to him. What a mess. Like a bagel caught in the toaster, our dreams of a resurrected H seem to be going up in smoke. [WSJ]

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