Hope for Chick-fil-A Fans With Good Hearts

Gay-loving offset coupons available.

For those who feel they can't eat Chick-fil-A in good conscience anymore, yet struggle with the self-punishment of never eating it again at all, there's now "Chicken Offset," a program devised by D.C. lawyer and activist Ted Frank. "Every time you buy a chicken-sandwich meal at Chick-fil-A, you can buy an 'offset' here," promises Frank, who will sell "offset coupons" which benefit It Gets Better and the Williams Institute. But the supersized karma doesn't stop there ...

A lesbian-owned restaurant called Beaver's, in Houston, has announced the "Chick-On-Chick" Fillet, described as "two loving chicken breasts married on toasty buns with a honey mustard witness and joined in celebration with tolerant fries." So even though the kiss-in was more like a three-random-dudes-whatever-smooch-in, we've got that. [Chicken Offset, HuffPo]