The Waldorf Astoria Actually Recovered Some Stolen Coffee Pots and Silverware

The sender of this 1948 silver creamer signed the package simply "Jane Doe." Photo:

Remember how the Waldorf Astoria was offering an "amnesty program" for nimble-fingered guests to return goods they or their family members had filched from the legendary hotel? Well, as City Room notes, the WA actually got some items back — fifteen in all, including a cream pitcher and some pieces of silverware. Of course, most came with a story: the coffee pot acquired during someone's parents' honeymoon and trotted out each anniversary thereafter; a pair of butter knives pocketed at charity luncheons half a century ago. You can see part of the lineup and a history of each recovered item on the hotel's Facebook page — no mug shots, though; pilferers' identities will not be posted. [City Room/NYT, Earlier]