Alex Stupak’s ‘Push Project’ Won’t Make Any Money, But That’s Hardly the Point

Oysters, for strength! Photo: Melissa Hom

Over at First We Feast, Empellón Cocina chef and co-owner Alex Stupak explains that his ongoing "Push Project" dinner series the second installment of which begins tomorrow and continues Friday is meant really only to profit the creative process. "Youre basically making the decision to throw your livelihood into a state of anarchy for a week," he writes, explaining the rationale of planning, sourcing. and cooking intense menus with a visiting chef that cannot possibly turn a healthy profit. So why do it? "This will sound strange," writes Stupak, "but I think one of the key ingredients to a long career of creativity and progression is a healthy dose of destruction every now and then." [First We Feast, Earlier, Earlier]