David Chang Wishes He Could Be More Like Thomas Pynchon

He could probably get a Pulitzer. Photo: Fernando Leon/Getty Images

The Momofuku chef-owner thinks the legendarily anonymous author of Gravity's Rainbow has it pretty good. At least Thomas Pynchon, the perpetually jet-lagged chef says, isn't constantly put in the position of having to explain himself, or his pork buns. "I dont mean I envy him as a writer, he tells the Aesthete. But his ability to be both public with his talent and extraordinarily private with himself, thats exactly what I want. Ideally, the two could collaborate on a restaurant and finally make Pynchon's "El Atómico" from Inherent Vice described as "a lengthy combination of enchiladas, tacos, burritos, tostadas, and tamales for two" that comes with its own legally binding disclaimer a real thing. [Aesthete, Earlier]